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Leveled Literacy Intervention: Little Books

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Grade 4 (Levels O–T)

Revolting Recipes Playing Tricks A Fresh Start Broken Elevator

The Truth About Bats Animals and Their Tools Dinosaur Fleas Kangaroos in Trees

The Shiner The Genius Club Andromeda Clark, Walks on the Moon Making Art for Fish

The Pocket Watch Glow-in-the-Dark Animals Holding Up the Sky/Coyote's Dinner (Two-way) Fake Cake

Trying Out The Turning Point The Story of Naismith's Game The Thorny Dragon

Double Double Trouble Trouble The Great Tug-of-War The Boy Who Saves Camels How to Train Your Human

The Paper Ball Best Enemies ER Vets to the Rescue The Great Backyard Bird Count

Animal Warnings An Out-of-the-World Vacation Making Stories with Jeff Kinney The Absolute Worst Vacation Ever

A Shining Star of Science Kitty's Master Plan The Story of Ana Dodson Ryan's Well

The World Beneath Your Feet JT's Journal Mystery of Anting The Amazing Gecko

Keeping the Light Message in a Bottle So You Speak African? Rashawn Steps Up

The Rock Garden The Summer I Met the City The Egg The Mystery of the Missing Key

The Peculiar Platyus Share the Seas with Manatees Yellow Feathers/Cher Ami (Two-way) Wildlife in the City

Octopus Bigfoot Basketball Working Vacation

The Great Debate A Real Family Flying Fish/Water Birds (Two-way) Andromeda Clark, North Pole Explorer

Alone in the Jungle A Cliff Story Sapporo People Powered

Countdown to Showtime Circus Kid Why the Sea is Salty Rabbit and the Queasy Quivers

Knocked Out Living in Space Born to Fly Looking For Earth 2

Rescuing Orangutans Mission Dog Rescue Yo Yo Caper Super Silk

Heroes of Pea Island Surviving Cutts Island Shadow Magic Why Do I Have To?

Seasick Jack at Sea Odd Couples Look, Don't Touch!

Flashy Flamingos Stranded TRex Flying Money

The Corpse Flower Chill Out Andromeda Clark Makes Time Fly Andromeda Clark and The Mummy's Curse

The Two Brothers Amin and the Terrible Ogre Geysers The Beast of Cross Mountain

Tarantulas Hidden Dangers/Great Barrier Reef Whitewater Ice Climbing

Hero Rats Upcycling Spy Devices Keeping a Secret/Codes

Buried Treasure Scarecrows and Girlfriends Crabs on the Run King of the Dogs

Sweet but Deadly Partners in Crime The Story of Henry Box Brown Snowmobiles

Science of Bread/Butter (Two-way) What's For Breakfast RoboPoet 2000 Little Plane, Huge Dream

The History of Chewing Gum The Old Knife The Mimic Octopus The Octopus Project

That's Gross Rowbear Rotten in Riverton Rescuing Entangled Whales

Stopping Animal Invaders Coconut Waiting for Norah Ben Lornah Kiplagat

Jon Brooks Art from Nature Amazing Brick Artists The Good, the Bad, and the Piggy Project Lizard

Rules of Survival Alien Stepmother Living Small The Invitation

Messages to the World Joining Hands with a Village Splash Strange Rain

Scream Machines Accidental Discoveries Jill Heinerth The Secret World of Caves

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